Portland, OR 97203, USA

Ash Rises

Part I of the Zombie Memoirs by Ian L Hayes

There's something you should know about zombies:

We were wrong all along.


Medical student Dana Moss would do anything to help her brother, but she couldn’t stop him from being bitten by a zombie. She knew she was supposed to cut off his head or destroy his brain, but she couldn’t – she swore an oath to “do no harm”. Instead, she promised she would find a cure and come back for him. If only it were that easy.

Weeks later, Dana has had to kill more zombies than she can count. It only gets worse from there as she scours the apocalyptic wasteland of northwest Portland for information and resources that can help save her brother. Running low on food and drinkable water, she has one last place to check.

In “Ash Rises”, you will see firsthand how Dana uncovers the hidden truth about zombies – and the secret to the cure. Will she find it in time to save her brother? Will she have to sacrifice her humanity to get it?

It may cost you yours to see it through.

Ian L Hayes

Ian L Hayes

Portland, OR writer of speculative fiction, the research for which results in the rest of his writing.

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