First Studies

I had relatively little difficulty finding a course in Programming Methodology from Stanford University that includes and introduction to Java. The program is designed for novices and focuses on understanding the thought process that goes into programming rather than just drilling by rote the mechanics of the language. I definitely liked the “Liberal Arts” approach to the software.

My pursuit of a design course was far less fruitful. I accidentally downloaded a whole set of videos from the Eighties about designing accessible buildings for vision- and mobility-impaired individuals. I learned a lot about the balancing act that is design and how good design for one demographic may be dangerous design for another, but I think it assumed I already knew a few things about design that I didn’t.
I searched around some more and found a podcast that interviews designers, but this still has the feel of listening to experts discuss a familiar field. Since the field was foreign to me, I didn’t get much out of it. I was able to find a lecture series on Design 101, but it’s from the North Carolina State University (of all places) so I’m apprehensive about its quality. I’ll find out the next night I study design.
So far I can pronounce Day 1 a success, but I have to remind myself that it’s incredibly easy to start new routines. It’s almost as easy to break them. Tomorrow I have to be at work at eight, so we’ll see if I wake up in time to do my meditation and running exercises.

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