This morning I meditated and could not for the life of me help thinking. At least this time I was thinking in more of a barrage of different thoughts instead of the meta-critical thinking of yesterday, but it was still a bit of a nuisance. I know that the goal is not to free myself from thought, but instead to free myself from feeling different ways about the things I think. Having an emotional response is the inappropriate part, not the thought itself.

I would have gone for a run afterward, but Tropical Storm Lee was still drizzling on the morning and I worried for the safety of my iPod and headphones. I also lack any kind of sweatpants or running pants. If the weather doesn’t clear up tomorrow, I’m going to run regardless of the precipitation and Nike+ can just deal with it.
Furthermore, you’ll recall in my outline that I’ll be studying three subjects, twice a week each. Since I’ve finished my first night of each course (excepting the Social Sciences studies, the kinks of which I have yet to work out) tonight has been (arbitrarily) determined to be my night of rest. Tomorrow I’ll start fresh with my next lesson in programming methodology.
Tomorrow I also intend to extend my meditation to fifteen minutes. A good length is thirty, because you really have the opportunity to lose yourself, but I’m going to have to inch my way in that direction because of how out of practice I am. The same with my running, I’m at a solid twenty minutes now, but I’d like to be running thirty.
I’ve been in the habit for a long time now of getting up two hours before I have to be at work. One of the reasons I started this new regimen was that I consistently wasted that first hour and a half messing around on the internet reading story after story in Google Reader, Twitter, Facebook or Zite, often while watching episodes of The Office on my Apple TV. My routine when I got home was much the same. 
I decided that, if I was going to get up so much earlier than my workday, I should be putting that time to better use. If I meditate for half an hour then run for half an hour, I should be able to occupy the second hour with showering and breakfast. This will result in me getting up two and a half hours before my shift and arriving rested, meditated, and exercised.
That sounds like a good system.

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