Meditate First, Ask Questions Later

It was such a good idea to choose to meditate first thing in the morning instead of run or do homework. Meditation is the easiest activity to initiate, and once finished, everything else seems totally manageable.

There have been several mornings where I simply did not feel like running. I forced myself out of bed and into zazen, and it was only upon arising invigorated from my seated position that I felt running was the Thing to Do. It starts a chain reaction: I meditate, then feel up to running, then come home ravenous so I have to eat breakfast, then I notice I’m sweaty and smelly so I take a shower. It’s the perfect routine for me, and I’ve kept up with it religiously since day 1, except during Tropical Storm Lee, when I decided not to run in the interest of protecting my iPod Nano and earbuds from rain.
I’ve had limited success with my studies. While the Programming Methodology course I found on iTunes U is fantastic and comes with tons of resources that really make me feel confident about my ability to learn Java, I have yet to find a design course or a human resources class that even comes close. I may have to abandon my aim of doing iTunes U as my only means of study and instead invest in a book or two. I already have a book in mind for HR and I’m open to suggestions for a good primer in design.
So far, so good. I’m almost finished with Week 1.

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