AirPlay Magic

Allow me to paint for you a picture.

Currently, I am using my iPad to stream a movie to my AppleTV. 
The movie is not stored natively on the iPad. Neither is it coming from the internet.
No, the movie is being streamed from my computer, to my iPad, to my AppleTV. As a matter of fact, it’s even a little more complicated than that. You see, that movie is stored on an external hard drive that is not connected to my computer. It’s connected to a wireless router that connects remotely to my MacBook Air.
Okay, it’s slightly more complex than even that. The movie is stored on an external hard drive in a format that is unsupported by iOS or any native Mac video player. It’s an .avi video.
To recapitulate, there’s an .avi that is stored on an external hard drive accessed wirelessly by my MacBook Air which, in turn, is running a video-hosting app that can convert video formats on the fly to send to my iPad that is streaming it, again wirelessly, to my AppleTV.
Despite all of these switches and turns (four degrees of separation, plus live conversion,) I spontaneously reach for the remote control for my AppleTV to pause the movie while I go to refill my glass.
Instantly, intuitively, the movie is paused.
Thank you, Apple, for getting me.

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When I’m not writing novels and short stories (mostly in my journal), I’m climbing rocks, pursuing truth, and trying to make the most out of my mortality.

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