Somebody That I Used To Know

Sometimes, the world can suddenly become a very black-and-white, all-or-nothing kind of place. Thankfully, all life is a gift, and it’s ungrateful to be begrudging about any of it. With the right mindset, any experience is good experience. Suzuki has this to say: “Our usual understanding of life is dualistic: you and I, this and that, good and bad. But actually these discriminations are themselves the awareness of the universal existence. ‘You’ means to be aware of the universe in the form of you, and ‘I’ means to be aware of it in the form of I. You and I are just swinging doors. This kind of understanding is necessary.” There are those who want to hold on to the notion that we are all separate, that we can just close our eyes and make the world around us disappear into the shades of memory, but the truth is not so easy. We are all one, even as we are all different, and perception is the only barrier to this kind of understanding.

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