Hello, New York

So I moved to New York. Not the busy part, but to Yonkers, just north of the Bronx. It’s different. I’m living with three other individuals, two of whom I have yet to meet, and it’s the first time I’ve lived with someone else since Alice moved out in early 2011. I’ve forgotten a lot about how to live with other people.

Sharing space isn’t very difficult, especially since I have my own room, but navigating the social environment has proven to be a challenge. I’ve forgotten about asking permission to move furniture and change Internet configurations. I’m adjusting to having certain shelves that are mine and others that are not, and labeling food that I put in the refrigerator. My first excursion out of the house left me calling my new roommate to let me in because my keys were mismatched. That being said, it is certainly comforting to not worry about where I’ll be living. The neighborhood is nice, and Sarah Lawrence has a very beautiful, very open campus right around the corner. I may go attempt some writing there later, when I go out to forage for food and supplies.

I don’t start work until next week, but that will be a refreshing experience. I miss Apple and Apple people (not to say that my roommate Angie has been anything but the most pleasant and hospitable person to help me get acclimatized.) My budget is going to keep me out of Manhattan for a couple of weeks, but that will let me get a good lay of the land around Yonkers and as soon as I find a bicycle helmet I’ll be able to take to the streets in full force. My experience driving in this part of the country was less than comfortable, so I’m hoping to avoid using my car as much as I can. Then again, Jon Robert introduced me to a lovely (free) navigation app called Waze that I’ll be sure to write a review about later. Everything is totally manageable, and it hasn’t really hit me that I just moved from Alabama to an entirely alien place yet. Maybe it won’t, maybe I’ll find that I’ve achieved a certain rhythm with life that lets me come and go where I please.

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