Speculation, Inquiry, and a Quest for Purpose



About IanLHayes.com

Since 2003, I’ve been cycling through different free web hosting services, but in 2011, I ponied up the dough to register my own name as a domain to publish “an assortment of observations, projects, and other attempts to make peace with the world.”

The site has been through several evolutions since then—a home for my short fiction, a brief repository for my debut novel-in-progress, a redirect to my old Tumblr page—but it’s always returned to its fundamental purpose: as a central hub for my life on the internet and weblog.

Who is Ian Hayes?

After I graduated from St. John’s College with a Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts, I moved from place to place—New Mexico, Alabama, New York,—before finally settling in Portland, Oregon.

Most of my writing is speculative fiction, but I’ve branched out into nonfiction with personal essays, narrative nonfiction, and research into a wide variety of topics that interest me. My work has appeared on Tom Bihn, The ReBuilding Center, and Medium. Currently, I’m working on a zombie novel.

If you like what I do, feel free to buy me a coffee or drop me a line.

Speculation, Inquiry, and a Quest for Purpose